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Bacall Development: Build-to-suit construction and its advantages

Build-to-suit buildings provide room for future expansions to current tenants. It is often viewed as a long-term investment which can be leased to several tenants according to reviews. Bacall Development and Associates can design a build-to-suit property that fulfills the needs of the tenants. The firm has well-known investors and developers of retail, office, hotel and...



Bacall Investment Tips: What Is Missing From 2016 Investment Advice? Optimism And 'Cool' Stocks

Lots of advice, but it is focused on lackluster/tepid expectations. It seems 2015’s negative surprises and poor performance set the tone for 2016’s outlooks. Even articles that include “bull market” in their titles restate what went wrong and end up asking the question of whether stocks can rise again. The only certainties offered are that the U.S. stock market will be...


Bacall Associates Travel: Beach Holiday Tips

Beach might be among the favorite spot for families to visit during holidays. When you tell your family that you're going to the beach, your children will definitely become so excited, and they'll surely begin packing their favorite things. And as a guide for your perfect beach vacation, Bacall Associates put together some things that you need to consider: